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Innovation to Take Your Annuity Production to New Heights."


"And a breakthrough solution to create greater retirement security for America's 'boomer' women."

The Personalized Analysis is Your Client's Personal, Foundational Plan for Income

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  • Base the plan on a targeted income goal

  • Alternatively, base the plan on the amount of available savings

  • Standard 3-Segment Laddering Model (5, 5, Lifetime)

  • Selectable 2-Segment Laddering Model (10, Lifetime)

  • Selectable Custom Laddering Model (up to 6 Segments)

  • Incorporate Social Security, pensions or other “flooring” sources

  • Define Rate-of-Inflation

  • Define Interest Rates

  • Define Targeted Ending Balance

  • Option to Defer Income (Up to 30-Years)

Unmatched Quality and Creativity.
Digital Tools that Really Work.
The Women & Income Educational Seminar.
As effective as it is visually stunning.
Award-Winning Income Planning Software.
Enables Design of the "Perfect" Women's Plan.
A Methodology that Aligns with what Women Tell Researchers thay Seek

Wins her confidence.

Wins her loyalty.

Wins You Referrals.

  • Understandable

  • Transparent

  • Outcome-focused

  • Downside Protection

  • Safe Monthly Paychecks

  • Lifetime income

The Strategy

"Wealth Ladders Women is the safe foundation of a well-designed plan for retirement income." 

A host of benefits for savers. 

  • Guaranteed lifetime income

  • Safety-of-principal

  • No market risk

  • Tax-deferred growth

  • Reasonable levels of liquidity consistent with safety

A synergy is created by strategically combining annuities.

"A good income plan begins with a strong foundation."
PLEASE READ: The explanation above is of a general nature. No specific annuity contract or particular insurer is referenced.  Ask questions about any annuity recommended. Become knowledgeable about any penalties for withdrawing money early. Insurance agents are required to provide you specific disclosure information on each annuity they recommend.  Understanding creates confidence.  Benefits from annuities are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. 
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