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Welcome to Your Number One Business Growth Opportunity!

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NASSAU has crafted the women's program that aligns perfectly with something truly important: 
What women actually seek in retirement!

"Women are the Future of Wealth Management. Annuities are Essential to Securing their Future."


"Women are your future."

That's why we've introduced Wealth Ladders Women, the first safety-focused retirement income solution developed expressly for "boomer, designed to address their needs, preferences and objectives. We've studied the research. Multiple studies reveal three , prominent concerns that women express to researchers: "Risk reduction", "goals" and "confidence".  That's exactly what Wealth Ladders for women delivers.



As the center of gravity in financial services shits toward women, as they take control over the next few years of as much as $30 trillion, will you be prepared? Are you prepared?  You will be if you join Wealth Ladders Women. And you'll gain a clear competitive advantage. That's because the rest of the industry is decidedly unprepared.

"When you understand the dynamics regarding "boomer" women and male financial advisors, you'll know why the industry faces a problem... and an opportunity."


Percentage of Men Who Die Married


Percentage of Women Who Die Singlege of

(The Problem is the



"Men dominate the advisor population, but women dominate the market. This is the etiology of the 'Great Mismatch' which will impair the entire industry unless it is remedied."


Percentage of Male Advisors Who Are Fired By Widows

  • We reject the gender stereotyping that has become an unfortunate feature of the financial services industry.

  • Through female-led coaching, we are committed to teaching men how to truly listen to women.

  • We will teach male advisors how to develop authentic relationships with their female prospects and clients.

  • We reject the condescending messaging that has been served-up to women.

  • We believe all advisors should prioritize women's personal values and objectives, and that these should be reflected in investment recommendations and investing strategies.

  • We respect the fact that many women's investing preferences may differ markedly from men's.

  • We are committed to once and for all putting an end to the behaviors that lead widows to fire incumbent male advisors in 70% of instances following their  husbands' passing.

"Watch the video and learn why that within five years, in the retirement income market, it will be impossible for a male advisor to remain successful unless he can relate to, and work successfully with, 'boomer' women."

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